Welcome to Artemis Salt Corp.

ARTEMIS SALT CORPORATION was established in 1980. It started trading local salt from the farms of Cavite, Bulacan, and later from Mindoro. It had only one warehouse in Malabon, and one in Mindoro as a buying station. All orders were being shipped from Manila and Mindoro. After a few years, it has grown by importing from India, China and Australia. With this development, the company branched out into the provinces. From trading salt, it has expanded into refining and iodizing salt by mechanized operations. Today, it is the leading salt trading company in the Philippines. Presently our products are local iodized and non-iodized salt, imported iodized and non-iodized pure vacuum-dried salt, solar salt and industrial salt. Other lines of business include CEMENT, REAL ESTATE AND RESORT.

SALT FACTS: Salt is used to make a sodium compound called soda or soda ash which is used primarily in the manufacture of glass and soap.